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Sunday, September 13, 2009

*Final Part* Mystery Story by Lee Jia Hern

Dear all,
This is part 3, as well as the final part, of Jia Hern's mystery story. Please enjoy it!
~Final Part~

Chapter 5
Mr. Zero strode briskly and warmly towards Genesis. That night, he had decided to have a dinner with Genesis in the compounds of Mr. One’s house, in his room. As they were going to start their meal, Mr. Abel barged in and said
“We know your secret. We know that you killed Mrs. One and Apocalypse.”
Clearly lost for words, Mr. Zero and Genesis were shocked. Breaking the silence, Mr. Zero superciliously and mockingly replied
“So what if we did? Yes, we did kill them. Sadly for you, there is no proof to support your claim anyway.” He stated this coldly, precisely and arrogantly.
“Is that really the case? Do you really still think that is still the case? I think you just gave us our proof.”
On that statement, Mr. Abel ran off into the autumn night, with the gelid autumn chill biting into his skin. Even so, Mr. Abel felt warm and victorious in his heart.
Upon reaching home, he drew out a tape recorder from his pocket and could not help but let a triumphant grin appear on his face.
Chapter 6
The next day was a cold and windy day. With a triumphant grin on his face, he reached for his coat and left his house. Mr. Abel first went to Mr. One’s home. Allowing him to hear the recording first, they soon left for the police station.
Upon reaching the station, Mr. Abel filed a police report, including a written account from Mr. One, Mr. Abel’s witness, and the recording.
The following day, a group of policemen escorted Genesis and Mr. Zero to the police station. After a successful interrogation, Mr. Abel then explained the deaths of his wife and son to him
“When I had found poison in your son’s body while conducting the autopsy, I became suspicious of attempted murder. I then went to check the scene of the crime. Nothing was different than should be other than an air vent that was opened before. There were no signs of a struggle or a forced entry. I then suspected the people that were inside the building before the crime. I decided to no count the servants as they could not even leave the house, so how could they get poison? They were even scanned for weapons or poisons at home too.
“I observed the people in the house on the night of the murder for a week then. I saw Mr. Zero and Genesis share a bond like a father-child bond. I then became suspicious of a link that may exist between them. When your wife died and after you had told me about the accident, I decided to ask around to know who had introduced the idea to Mrs. One. No one but Genesis knew. She claimed it was Mr. Zero, with a tone that made it sound like a casual statement. I think she did not know the importance of that fact. After that, you told me the link between them of them being father and daughter.”
“That was the key to solving the puzzle. That confirmed the suspicions that I had of a long hidden but strong link between Mr. Zero and Genesis. Genesis did not display any sad emotions after her brother’s, or rather, her stepbrother’s death.”
“She also lived next to Apocalypse. There could possibly be a linked air vent between the two rooms. As the air vent had been opened before, I suspected Genesis had climbed through it and poisoned Apocalypse, then returned to her room. Later, I checked the air vent and found many traces of careless movement inside it. There were also some grains of ricin left inside. Luckily, I had taken precautions to such possible occurrences and had worn a mask.
“Mr. Zero had asked you to adopt Genesis when she was young. I suspect that he had been plotting from then till now, to secure your fortune. The interrogation had confirmed all my suspicions. Mr. Zero and his daughter had killed your wife and son.”
Mr. One was wordless after hearing this. He just left in a daze, looking like he was unable to register what was just said into his mind. As for Mr. Zero and Genesis, Mr. Zero looked as pale as a sheet, Genesis, however, just looked like a repentant person, her face set into a pitiful look.
Mr. Abel could not help but wonder what would happen next…………

~End of Story~

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