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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Mystery Story *Part 3*

Dear All, please enjoy my mystery story, which will end soon!

Part 3 of Mystery Story:
Title- Revenge Over Relations
Half an hour later, Theodore arrived. Mrs Perry went to show him the way to the valet’s room. Greeting everyone, Theodore made his way towards the valet’s body. He examined the valet’s body and the area around it. Theodore found a bottle of poison in the valet’s right hand. He sprinkled some powder onto the bottle and studied it. Theodore knitted his eyebrows together and thought carefully. “The valet is murdered. Let me explain why before someone asks. There are only the valet’s fingerprints on the bottle, but not on the cap. The murderer probably forced the valet to drink the poison, then wiped the bottle clean and put it into the valet’s hand. Another possibility is that the murderer wore gloves and did the what I just mentioned,” Theodore explained, then opened the valet’s other hand and found a tiny piece of wrinkled paper. Carefully taking it out, he smoothed it and read aloud, “Mistress.” Turning to everyone, Theodore shown the paper to them. “Mistress is written on the paper,” he said, and then turning to Mrs Perry, he asked, “Is this the valet’s handwriting?” Mrs Perry nodded. Theodore replied, “Good. This word must somehow be related to the murderer. Everyone please leave the room, except for Mrs Casper and Christina.”
“Do you both realize that this word is referring to both of you?” Theodore asked carefully. “Now, Mr Theodore, aren’t you jumping to conclusions?” Mrs Casper said angrily. “I am not. I am asking questions to clarify,” the detective answered smoothly and continued, “oh and Mrs Casper can you tell me who is in the room beside Mr Casper, the one, further away from the stairs.” “It belongs to Wilmore’s first wife,” Mrs Casper replied. “You mean that you are not the first wife of Mr Casper? Tell me everything,” Theodore ordered. “I do not know much, only that Mr Casper fell in love with me and abandoned her. It was about twenty- seven years ago. I do not know where she is now, Wilmore does not like to mention her,” Mrs Casper answered thoughtfully.
“Keep the valet’s room protected, I will be back soon,” Theodore shouted as he departed from them and walked towards the stairs.
The detective pushed the door of that room and it open slowly, the hinge had rusted. Theodore stepped into the dusty room and surveyed the scene. There was a four- poster bed, some furniture, a computer, a portrait of the first wife and a door that led to the bathroom. He opened the closet; there was a few clothing left inside. Theodore turned away and focused his attention onto the cupboard. The first shelve had some towels folded neatly together, the second had some letters and the third, a few thick photo albums. Taking a few letters out, Theodore settled himself comfortably onto the armchair nearby. “So her name is Milan Anne Raffles, how would I have like to meet such a interesting woman,” Theodore muttered wistfully. Returning those letters, he retrieved the few thick photo albums. Carefully, he blew the dust off and went through the faded photos. The first album provided no information, nor did the second one. The third one was the newest, the photos was brighter. There were a few photos of the first wife, Mr Casper and a young infant about one- month old. “They had a child, looks like that Milan Anne Raffles went off with the son,” Theodore thought to himself. “Let me find out his name later.” A strong wind blow through the curtains and the pages flipped quickly to the back. One photograph caught Theodore’s eye and he caught the page. It was a picture of the first wife. She was resting her chin on her hand and was wearing a ring. It looked very familiar, but Theodore just cannot remember when did he saw it. It was a golden one with a beautiful, sparkling diamond and some thing engraved on it. Bearing that in mind, Theodore put the photo albums back into the cupboard and moved towards the computer. Theodore pressed a big button and the computer slowly started. After a few minutes of patience, it was finally on. Clicking onto the computer documents, many folders flashed onto the screen. Theodore’s eyes scanned down and happily clicked the folder named ‘photograph’. Then he search for that particular photograph, zooming into the picture, Theodore got a better view of the diamond ring. The initials engraved on it was, WC loves MAR. “Ah, it probably meant, Wilmore Casper loves Milan Anne Raffles,” Theodore reasoned. Switching off the computer, he left the room to use another faster computer.

Surfing the Internet, Theodore went through many useless information about Mr Casper’s business. Finally at a blog, Theodore found some important information.
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I do not believe this, I saw my master’s long- lost child and all that time I did not knew! The child was under a disguise and perfectly fooled me.
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You know too much… You shall suffer.

Posted by- Anonymous


My master’s biography and his family particulars.

Full name: Wilmore Casper

Born: 27 April 1952

Place Of Birth: Washington D.C, America

Best known as: CEO of Innovation Technology

Father of: Orlando Casper, Christina Gregory Casper

Husband of: Milan Anne Raffles (Past), Lillian Gregory (Present)

Mr Casper’s life was dedicated to his company, Innovation Technology. He is currently living in Houston, America. His son Orlando Casper, was born on 6 February 1981 while Christina Gregory Casper, was born on 29 July 1984.

Last updated by R Lions

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You know too much… You shall suffer.

Posted by- Anonymous
Theodore went through the blog carefully and was surprised that there was no personal information. Who was R Lions? Who threatened him? Is it the killer? Then, with his mind full of questions, Theodore went to find information about Milan Anne Raffles. To his surprise, he came across an article about her death twenty years ago.
Billionaire’s First Wife Dead
Son’s Disappearance Mystifies The World
WILMORE Casper’s wife, Milan Anne Raffles, was found dead in her tiny apartment. Police claims that she died a natural death and are trying to find her son, Orlando Casper, currently twelve years old, who has surprisingly disappeared without trace…
Theodore smiled, it was all clear to him. He closed the computer and hurried to the servant quarters. He went to ask Mrs Perry, followed by the cleaner and the gardener, if they own any blogs and their answer was no. Theodore thoughtfully muttered to himself, “R Lions is probably Ricardo Lyons, the valet. I wonder who was the killer.”
~End of Part 3~

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