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Monday, September 7, 2009

*Part 1* Mystery Story by Gu Shi Yu 5K

Dear all,
The mystery story below is submitted by Gu Shi Yu from 5K . She did not specify which competition she is going to enter in, so she is in both the "Most Wacky Story of the Month" and the "Best Story of the Month". Leave comments for her please. :)

~Part 1~
The Lockwood Murder

William Lockwood woke up. His face was filled with terror and cold sweat was dripping down to his chin. He had similar nightmares all the week, and he doesn’t know what was causing it. “I’ll better check with my doctor,” he thought. Looking at his watch, he realized it was 5.30a.m. Thinking that he would not be able to go back to sleep anymore, he got up, and walked to the study room as usual to read some magazine.
Sitting down on the swirling chair, he took the magazine and held it in his hands. Suddenly, he felt thirsty and wanted to get some water. He stood up, looking towards the door, which was now closed. He stared at his safe which he did not notice when he came in because the door was blocking it. Now, it was fully opened and there wasn’t anything inside anymore! He grabs the phone to call the police. Suddenly, a man sprang behind the curtains of the balcony and pushed him. William dropped his glasses.
It was impossible to see anything clearly without his glasses. Fearing death, he ran into his bedroom, planning to escape by the window. But the murderer acted faster. He tied William on the bed, and injected anesthetic using a syringe he has brought into his body. Within seconds, he was asleep.
The murderer took out the knife in his pocket and started to cut the abdomen. He thought this as the ideal way of killing because he would have no chance of living if nobody brings him to the hospital within one hour. It was so early in the morning that nobody would suspect anything—until it’s too late.
Sam knocked on the door. There was no response. He knocked again. Still no response. Sam wondered “Don’t tell me something happened to him.” Even though he doesn’t use the keys to the house often, he had them in case something happens to him.
He opened the door and went to search for William. And he found him tied to his bed full of blood. As a doctor, he ran forward to feel for pulse but he couldn’t feel it. “He’s dead!” Sam whispered, and took out his phone to call for the police.
The police arrived outside the house, bringing Peter Wallace; the famous detective with them. “This sure is a nice mansion.” Peter told his fellow policemen. “I wonder who this house goes to.” he said. The group of people than went in the house.
They saw a man sitting on the sofa in the living room. Peter moved forward and asked “Are you the one who called the police?” The tall man raised his head and said politely “Yes, I am.” “I’m Peter. Peter Wallace. I’m a detective.” Peter introduced. “Oh, and I’m Sam. I’m William’s personal doctor.” Sam said. They exchanged handshakes. Peter realized that Sam’s hands had a powder-like feel. Just than, Peter remembered to check the crime scene. Bidding goodbye, He rushed to the bedroom, where the other policemen were.
“This wound looks weird.” Peter announced. “He is William Lockwood, 71. He is a multi-millionaire.” said the officer. He examined the corpse. The body was tied to the bed with some signs of struggle. The cut was straight and clean.
“Take a blood sample to the lab. I suspect some kind of medicine was used because the cut is so clean.” Peter told a rookie. “And the strand of hair too!” he added as he looked under the bed. The rookie immediately took out a small covered tube and took some blood into the tube. He also took the strand of hair. The forensic doctor declared that William had died three to four hours ago. “Let’s take a look at the other rooms.” Peter said.
They went into the study room which was the nearest to the bedroom. Peter opened the door. The first thing he saw was that the telephone was hanging down from the desk. An image came across his mind. William had just picked up the phone when the murderer attacked him. As there were no blood stains in the room, he thought that William had ran into his bedroom before meeting his end.
Peter sat on the swirling chair. He noticed that the door was not opened properly. He called someone nearby to open the door properly. There was a loud bang. The person immediately swung the door in the other direction. Peter saw the opened safe. He went forward and applied the fingerprint powder which he carried along.
Unfortunately, there was no fingerprint at all. Walking back to the desk, he sat down. He opened the drawer under the desk. There was a will inside. “So the house now belongs to Jane and James; his son and daughter.” He said to himself. He used the fingerprint powder and applied on the piece of paper. Finding fingerprints on it, he said, “Send this to the lab for dactyloscopy.” He passed the will to the rookie.
Peter went back to the living room. He continued the conversation with Sam. “Tell me what happened.” Peter commanded. So, Sam told him everything he did before the police came. “Any idea how he died?” Peter asked. “It is very likely that he ran into his bedroom, wanting to escape. But maybe the murderer just forced him to his bed and put him to sleep.”
~End of Part 1~
~Coming soon... Lockwood Murder Part 2~

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