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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Full Mystery Story by Bryan Tay 5M

Dear all,
The below is Bryan Tay's mystery story. He is entering both of the current competitions. Leave comments for him please. Oh, and his from 5M, in case you do not know him well.

~Full Mystery~


Letter from: National Environment Agency,
Public Health Division,
26 Havelock Road,

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Owner of Bacon Bakery (191 Prime Street, Singapore 436932)

I am sorry to tell you that your license for the permission of selling food in Singapore has been suspended due to the poor hygiene your stall has shown. Over 30 people who ate the food from your stall have fallen ill due to the presence of the salmonella bacteria. Other NEA officers will come later to check on the source of the bacteria.

Yours truly,

Mr. Low Boon Ann,

Secretary-General of NEA,

Public Health Division

*This is a computer-generated letter and does not require a signature.

~End of Prologue~

The other NEA officers came over in an hour’s time. After a thorough check on all areas, the officers confirmed that unhygienic handling of food materials had caused the food contamination. Mr. Bacon, Mr. Yamamoto’s ex-boss was infuriated. “It must have been Mr. Yamamoto! You are going down the drain!” he growled as he picked up his handphone.

“Yamamoto! See what you have done? My license has been suspended because of you! You are fired!” And with that, he slammed down his phone in anger.

A few days later, Mr. Ham, Mr. Yamamoto’s landlord came over to collect the rent from Mr. Yamamoto. When he called, there was no answer. Out of curiosity, Mr. Ham went into Mr. Yamamoto’s room, only to find him dead. There was a gunshot in his head, and a gun in his hand.

Without a moment to lose, Mr. Ham called the police. Within a blink of an eye, Detective Tim arrived at the scene of crime. Examining the room carefully with eagle eyes, he never missed a detail. As he gaze fell onto Mr. Yamamoto’s handphone, he paced towards it and picked it up with his gloves on. He went through the text messages and found one from Mr. Bacon that said “Mr. Yamamoto, I will be going over to your place. I will be conducting a job interview. See you there.”

Feeling that Mr. Bacon was a possible suspect, Detective Tim decided to see Mr. Bacon, so as Mr. Ham. He found Mr. Bacon’s phone number in Mr. Yamamoto’s phone and called him up, requesting for a face-to-face private meeting with Mr. Ham and Mr. Bacon. Mr. Bacon agreed and they met in Detective Tim’s office.

“Mr. Ham and Mr. Bacon, a crime has been committed and I suspect that one of you had committed the crime. First, I have to have a word with each of you privately.” Detective Tim said.

“Mr. Bacon, I would like to have a word with you first.” Detective Tim continued.

Then, Mr. Ham left the room, leaving Mr. Bacon with Detective Tim.

“Mr. Bacon, I would appreciate it if you can tell me how Mr. Yamamoto is related to you.”

“Why, Detective Tim? Out of so many people I know, why do you ask me about him?”

“Mr. Bacon, as I had already mentioned, a crime had been committed! Mr. Yamamoto was murdered!”

“Oh dear, such a nice man being murdered. Who would ever do that to him?”

“You have not answered my question!” Detective Tim exclaimed exasperatedly.

“Calm down, Detective Tim. He is my ex-worker.”

“Mr. Bacon, a murder had been committed. What do you have to say for yourself? And who can you accuse?”

“Mr. Yamamoto had been working with me without a quarrel for more than 2 years! Why would I want to murder him? What good will that do me?”

“Mr. Bacon, if you had not had a quarrel with him, why did he resign? He is not an old man, you know.”

“No, he did not handle the food properly and that resulted in food contamination. Now, my license is suspended. He is horrid!”

“Mr. Bacon! Once you said that he is nice, and then you say that he is horrid!” Detective Tim grumbled, while jotting down furiously on his notepad.

“By the way, Mr. Ham is the murderer, not me! I heard that Mr. Ham nearly chased Mr. Yamamoto out of his flat as he did not pay for the rent. He must be very angry with him! He, as the landlord also has the keys to the flat, so he can enter.”

“Thank you, Mr. Bacon. You may leave this room now. Would you mind to help me get Mr. Ham in here please?”

Mr. Bacon silently went out of the room, and got Mr. Ham in the room.

“Mr. Ham, may I know how Mr. Yamamoto is related to you?”

“Oh, of course! He is my tenant, but he had not paid his rent for 3 months!”

“Mr. Ham, calm down. Can you give your statement?”

“The murderer must be Mr. Bacon! I heard that he fired Mr. Yamamoto just because of a trivial matter. From then on, he had held a grudge against Mr. Yamamoto. I won’t be surprised if he is guilty of the murder!”

Detective Tim clicked his pen and thought for quite some time. Then, glancing briefly at his notes, he called for Mr. Ham and Mr. Bacon.

“The truth is clear now!” Detective Tim announced.

The duo shifted uneasily as they sneaked furtive glances.

Before anything could happen, Mr. Bacon shouted, “Mr. Ham shot Mr. Yamamoto! I am innocent!”

“Mr. Bacon de Soigné Silva! You are under arrest for the murder for Mr. Yamamoto Jyoji Yamashita!” Detective Tim shouted.

“You had gone over to Mr. Yamamoto’s house and murdered him, because of the food contamination case. To confirm the truth, you knew that Mr. Yamamoto was shot dead, when nobody told you how he was killed.” Detective Tim continued.

“How could you have murdered Mr. Yamamoto? He was such a nice man!” Mr. Ham exclaimed in disbelief.

Detective Tim informed the police that the prime suspect had been caught.

The wail of police sirens permeated the streets, and Mr. Bacon was shivering, not in cold, but in fear.

~The End~

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