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Monday, September 7, 2009

*Part 1* Mystery Story by Lee Jia Hern 5K

Dear all,
This is Lee Jia Hern's mystery story, part 1. His is really good, so everyone please enjoy it. Remember to leave comments for him. By the way, he is entering into the "Best Story of the Month" competition.

~Part 1~

A shadow crept into the room. As it moved noiselessly, it’s thought and plans ran through its head once again. Apocalypse lay sleeping on his bed. “His deathbed”, as the shadow had so thought. The shadow moved soundlessly towards Apocalypse. It was dressed fully in black, completing the look with a mask on it head, showing only the eyes. It opened a small pouch allowing a powder to drift out. It held it as far away from itself as it could, positioning the powder under Apocalypse’s nose. It held it there for more than a minute. Soon, it left. Apocalypse died not long before daybreak.

Chapter 1
A Surprising Death

In the year 2000, Mr. One’s son, Apocalypse, who was 16 years old then, died. He was found bathed in the light of daybreak, when the servant had gone into his room to rouse him from his sleep. At first, the servant saw Apocalypse lying down on his bed. He looked as if he was sleeping, his face looking serenely calm.
Everyone in the Ewell Village in Surrey, England, knew who the richest person in the village was. He was Mr. One. He was a paranoid man, due to a close call with death as a young adult. He was also married and owned a fortune and did not write a will, so his offspring would inherit it.

He lived in a large mansion which had been built in the Victorian period. After buying the mansion, he had extensive amounts of repair and refurbishing work done on it. Now, its rooms were as grand as could be, with richly coloured blood red wallpapers streaked with gold. The floors were carpeted in a thick silken carpet that would make royalty envious. He had two children, Apocalypse and Genesis. Apocalypse was the older brother while Genesis was the younger sister. They slept in rooms that were next to each other. He lived in a mansion with his wife, Mrs. One, his children, his butler; Mr. Zero, and the servants.

At the time, when Apocalypse was ten years of age, while Genesis was only five years old, in the year 1994, Mr. One had been diagnosed with early stages of cancer so he began to undergo cancer treatment.

Within that period of time, Mr. Zero wanted to start a garden and Mr. One, being a generous person, gave him a small piece of land near the butler's home to plant plants. He planted vegetables and castor bean plants. The small news slowly spread to the people that Mr. Zero knew, and some that he didn't. That includes the best doctor and surgeon in the village, 30-year-old Mr. Abel.

Mrs. One was a vain, beautiful and elegant woman. She would compromise anything to keep herself beautiful. The entire town knew about her and her vanity.

Mr. Abel was a budding detective in his youth. He had studied forensics in his youth. He aimed to become the town’s best detective. He was the best student and picked up new concepts or methods quickly. His mentors considered him a model pupil. His career as a detective collapsed around him abruptly when someone had sabotaged him by forging his signature and writing a death threat to his mentor.

His mentor, being kind towards him, just expelled him but did not make a police report. Seeking his next possible career, he decides to use his knowledge of medical science to become a doctor.

 Chapter 2

A Shocking Discovery

The ambulance came and took Apocalypse to the hospital, but it was already too late. With the hospital jammed packed with other patients, the only doctor free was Mr. Abel. Mr. Abel, the doctor in charge of Apocalypse, announced him dead. Mr. Abel felt that it was strange for a young boy to suddenly die. As a result, he wonders if someone had killed him. Almost immediately, his logical mind just considered it ridiculous and irrelevant and simply forgets about it. Unwittingly, he had just begun his first case.

~Chapter 2 to be continued~
*Part 2 coming soon*

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