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Sunday, September 13, 2009

*Final Part* Mystery Story by Zhao Jia Yi

Dear all,

This is part 3, as well as the final part, of Jia Yi's mystery story. Please enjoy it!

~Final Part ~
Title: Combination...
Detective Jones said, “If you really have nothing to hide, then surely you won’t mind me searching your room.”
The butler replied nervously. “Sure…I have nothing to hide at all. Go… ahead.”
John led Detective Jones to the butler’s room. The gardener followed with the butler behind. Detective Jones opened the door to the butler’s room and stepped inside, along with John, the gardener and the butler. His sharp eyes took in every detail of the simply furnished room. A table and two chairs were located near the door while the bed was situated near the cupboard. Something did not fit into the puzzle, however, he could not place his finger on it.
He snapped his finger. He had just realized what was missing. Pointing a finger at the bed, he inquired, “Where is the blanket?”
The butler responded sullenly, “Find out yourself.”
The gardener volunteered, “In the laundry room, sir. Hanging on the line, a black and white checked blanket. Shall I go and get it?”
Detective Jones replied, “Please do.”
The gardener strode out of the room and returned moments later, with a blanket in his hands.
Detective Jones took it and handed it to John, “Feel it. Does it feel lumpy at certain places?”
John took it and gave a start. “By golly, it does. Why?”
Detective Jones produced a large pair of scissors from his pocket and snipped open the seams of the blanket. The blanket fell apart. To the amazement of the onlookers, jewels of every size, shape and colour rained down onto the carpeted floor.
John ran forward, scooping up a handful of jewels, he cried happily, “My jewels! My precious jewels!”
Detective Jones glanced at the butler who had turned a ghastly pale. The butler, seeing that he had no way out, lowered his head in defeat. The gardener stood by, a jubilant smile on his face. Detective Jones studied the jewels, something was not right.
He turned around and said to John, “They are not real, they are duplicates. See, real jewels, when held under the light, glow but these don’t.” John was stunned and threw the jewel onto the floor.
He looked at the gardener and fitted in the missing piece of the puzzle. He announced, “But I know where they are.”
He asked the gardener, “When was the last time you went into the laundry room, excluding just now when I asked you to?”
The gardener was confused by this question. “Um… One week ago.”
Detective Jones questioned the butler, “When did you put the blanket into the laundry room?”
The sulky answer came. “Two days ago.”
Detective Jones was satisfied. “I thought so.”
He said to the gardener, “You were following the butler on the day he stole the jewels. After you saw him put the blanket into the laundry room, you went in and cut open the blanket. You hid the jewels and wiped off your fingerprints.”
The gardener protested, “Why! I never did such a thing. It was the butler.”
Detective Jones shook his head and ignored the protests. “I was puzzled when I saw two threads on the blanket. Also, how did you know where the blanket was?”
The gardener stuttered, “The butler told me.”
“No, I didn’t!” A shout of rage left the butler’s lips.
Detective Jones said, “You should both be ashamed of yourself for your immaturity and greed.”
He asked the gardener, “Where are the jewels now?”
The gardener, seeing that there was no way out, replied sulkily, “On top of the cupboard in my room.”
Outside, police sirens wailed. John had called the police when Detective Jones was interrogating the gardener. Shaking his head sadly, he instructed the police to bring both the butler and gardener away and at the same time, explained Detective Jones’ theory about the dead body in the river. The police nodded their heads and brought the butler and gardener away for farther interrogation.
Detective Jones packed his bag and prepared to leave.
John ran up to him and thanked him for his help. “Thank you so much. I can’t believe I have recovered my jewels. How can I ever repay you? How much shall I pay you. Any amount, just name the price.”
Detective Jones smiled but declined politely. “My profession is my reward. I will do my best to help you if you have anymore difficulties.” And with that, he tipped his hat at a surprised John and strolled out of the door to his car.

~End of Story~

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