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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Mystery Story *Final Part*

Dear All, please enjoy the final part of my mystery story, hope all of you like it!

~Final Part of Mystery Story~
Title- Revenge Over Relations
Suddenly, Theodore knew it. He remembered where he had seen the ring. Theodore just needed to clarify. He closed the computer and had a drive to the city. An hour later, Theodore was back.
Theodore knocked on Ron’s bedroom’s door. The door opened, Ron was surprised. “How can I help you, Mr Theodore?” “Would you mind having coffee with me?” Ron followed Theodore out of the room.
Carrying two bottles with him, Theodore entered the dining room. Ron was restlessly pacing about. Startled, Ron stared at the bottles and asked, “Aren’t they the bottle found in Lyons hands?” “Don’t worry, Mr Crave. It’s coffee inside,” Theodore smiled sarcastically and replied. Ron flinched while taking a bottle from the glass table and studied it carefully. “Help yourself,” Theodore declared warmly and took a gulp from it. Ron cautiously opened the cap and took a sip. “It’s time,” Theodore thought. Tilting his hand purposely, he let go of the bottle. The delicate glass broke the moment it hit the hard marble floor, and brown content seeped out. Ron quickly put down his bottle and rushed to find a broom and a dustpan. A few moments later, he returned and start sweeping up the fragments while Theodore wiped the floor with tissue. Satisfied, Theodore stood up, thanking Ron and at the same time asking him to call every member of the estate to the living room.
Theodore went to the living room ten minutes later. As he expected, everyone was there. “Have you solve the case?” Mrs Casper asked. Theodore shook his head and sat down in an armchair, facing everyone. “I just need to get the age of everyone here,” Theodore said directly. Christina raised an eyebrow. “No reason,” Theodore said simply.
“Fine, I am twenty-four, 29 July 1984,” Christina said.
Ron replied, “Twenty- seven, 6 February 1981.”
“14 September 1956, fifty- two,” Mrs Casper answered.
So, one by one the people told the detective their age and date of birth. Theodore took notes, he knew it, he had solved the case.
“I have an announcement to make,” Theodore cleared his throat and said loudly. Everyone glanced up. “Would anyone like to confess?” Theodore asked. Silence. “Well, I need some help,” Theodore smiled, looking at everyone. “Can I invite Mr Ron Crave here? Or rather, should I say- Orlando Casper?” Everyone’s jaw dropped. “Here,” Ron stood up, his pistol drawn. He looked around and his gaze fell on Theodore. “How did you know?”
“The ring that you wore on your hand. I am very sure that it is the exact same ring as shown in a photo album of your mother, Milan Anne Raffles. By purposely dropping the coffee bottle in our appointment fifteen minutes ago, you showed me the ring clearly with the initials engraved on it. You seemed uncomfortable drinking from the bottle too. You obviously were worried that there might be poison inside, thus you were very cautious. You wanted revenge, as Mr Casper abandoned your mother and caused her death, which I came to know from an article online.
Unfortunately, after you kill Mr Casper, in the afternoon, the valet saw the ring. He had worked in this household for more than thirty years; thus, he probably recognized it and the initials engraved on it. You were afraid that he would tell, thus, you killed him. Am I correct?”
Ron cut in. “ I was clearly careless about the ring. Sigh, It was the only thing left that reminded me of my mother. I did not dare to wear the ring when Mr Casper was alive, I was sure that he would have recognized it. After avenging my mother’s death by killing him, I knew that my mum would be proud of me, therefore I wore the ring. I did not know that Lyons had worked in the household for more than thirty years until it was too late. I had to kill him.
Let me have the honour of telling you my method of killing Lyons. I bought a fast- working poison, the kind that once you taste it, you would die. I do not understand how the valet could have written that message. Perhaps you have the answer?”
“I do. You used tobacco to poison Mr Casper, but you forgot one point. After tasting the poison, the victim would become very hot, very stimulated, pass out very quickly and die, in as little as one minute. A person with a strong constitution might actually take ten or fifteen minutes to be truly dead. A frail old woman or child would take only moments.
I was surprised when I found out that it was coffee inside the bottle. I assume that there was poison contained. I then went to a pharmacy nearby, where I have a friend, an expert in poisons. He told me that when tobacco leaves are soaked in the sun for several days, the concoction is allowed to evaporate, leaving a thick black tar. The tar tastes very strong, but it only takes a small amount, preferably in coffee to cover up the taste. You thought he would die quickly, but you were wrong. The valet was a person with strong constitution. During those fifteen minutes, he wrote that word in daze. He probably could not think clearly and the word ‘mistress’ was the only word that reminds him of you,” Theodore answered.
“I am impressed, Dylan Theodore. Unfortunately, since you all know so much, I’m afraid I shall have to arrange your deaths in the Casper mansion which will catch fire… accidentally.” Ron replied smugly.
Dylan Theodore stepped up to Ron. “I don’t think so. Thank you for such a nice confession. Now gentleman, please drop your gun and raise your hands.”
Ron let out a harsh laugh. “Why should I? All of you are so vulnerable. I am the only one who has a pistol. You are all alone and as the alarms on the gates and fence have not been set off, it is quite obvious that you have no backup.”
“Not quite,” smiled the detective. “Alarms can be deactivated.”
Dylan Theodore was still smiling when the door burst open and a heavily armed police team fanned out around the room.

~End of My Story~

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