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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Simple Society. (Welcome Message)

Dear all, writers or not,
Welcome to the online platform for budding writers. This blog is a platform for not only expressions, but also inspirations. Perhaps this blog is also a book in a way. A book that combines the treasures, efforts and fruits of budding writers.
Writing is something too vast to be put into words, something that is a part of literature, but if you look at it in another angle, also what literature itself is a part of. Writing could be in forms of poetry, composition, essay, story, book, novel, even comments for blogs, notes passed between friends during boring lessons, descriptions of a teacher who talks in a monotonous voice, everything.
OSBW which stands for Online Society of Budding Writers, is a platform of expression, expression for writing. It could be both successful or futile attempts at writing great classics, or stories written for amusement during lessons, or written works forced to be done by your English teacher, or something that was done simply to prove to yourself that you can write something better than "Harry Potter".
So send in your works to us, no limit for the number of words, from one word to an infinite amount. By the end of every month, there will be a poll for all readers to choose the best piece of written work. The poll will be conducted online, and the winner will win a prize. Also, there will also be a poll for most wacky piece of writing, and just like the poll before, the winner of this will also win a prize.
Please do not worry that I will not publish your entries because I hereby promise to you that I will publish anything you write.
Just one last thing before you really fall asleep. I will be publishing my own works just for viewing pleasure. (Mine will not enter into any of the online competitions.)
So all of you, writers or not, seize this chance to write. No matter how wacky-sounding it is, it will be published. Who knows, perhaps you will win a prize for most wacky-sounding story competition.
Send in your entries to:
Thank you!

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