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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Final Announcement

Hi all,
It has certainly be an eventful week for this blog and me. Thank you to all who has contributed and the five "early-birds" are:
1)Lee Jia Hern
2)Gu Shi Yu
3)Bryan Tay
4)Zhao Jiayi
5)Tan Rhe-Anne
*They are listed according to the sequence of submission of works.
They will be given simple prizes tomorrow, which is the first day of school, I am not confident if they will be satisfied or disappointed. But one thing for sure, the prizes that are coming your way are much better.
I sure hope that all of you have enjoyed this blog tremendously, both as an entertaintment (e.g laughing at your friends' foolishness or what-so-ever etc) and as an inspiration (e.g I should start using this name, blah... etc).
However, because of the end of year exams, this blog will be temporarily "resting" since everyone is going to be studying. But all of you are forever welcomed to read the stories, send in your "masterpieces" and of course, follow this blog!
Last but not least, the polls for the 2 competition will be put up after the exams and then all of you can vote for the winners!
I look forward updating this blog soon! 
Buh-bye! :)

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